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National Letter Writing Month – Get out your paper & ink!

Did you know that April is National Letter Writing Month?

This pleases me immensely, as it gives me an excuse (not that I need one!) to send pretty cards and letters to all of my friends and loved ones.

Receiving a letter from someone is like receiving a long distance hug. This is not to be confused with a “virtual hug” which is received via digital pathways only and is therefore intangible unless printed out on paper…which seems redundant when you consider that you could’ve just used paper in the first place and made it really special. A handwritten (or typed, if your penmanship is really that bad) letter can be kept tucked away between the pages of a favorite book forever, there to be found again whenever one feels a need to be close to its author. Because sometimes you miss someone at 2 a.m., but you just know that a phone call is out of the question unless you crave an early demise. Re-reading a lovely letter can be a balm to a flagging spirit and bring good cheer to the darkest day. Give someone in your life the special gift of your time and thought preserved in ink on paper. Send them some tangible love! ♥

Online Release Party for Once a Courtesan

PartyPicCourtesanJoin me March 28, 2017 in celebrating the release of Once a Courtesan

My publisher, Entangled, is hosting an online book release party via Facebook for Once a Courtesan—and you are cordially invited! Enjoy a night of live chat, giveaways, and fun with me and several more of your favorite historical romance authors. There will be general shenanigans (you know how I love shenanigans!) and lots of chances to WIN FREE READS.

(all times are Eastern)

5:30 Eliza Knight
6:00 Kathleen Bittner Roth
6:30 Ingrid Hahn
7:00 Pam Mingle
7:30 Heather McCollum
8:00 Tara Kingston
8:30 Stacy Reid
9:00 Callie Hutton
9:30 Liana LeFey
10:00 Amalie & Angie
10:30 Tamara Gill

To join the party, click on the following link or paste it into your browser window:

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“Truth is stranger than fiction” – Liana talks about research


Mark was absolutely right! My favorite way to “find” a hero or heroine is to look at genuine documented family histories, fabricate another family member (or several), and then weave those fictional characters into the backdrop provided by related historical events.

My upcoming release, To Ruin a Rake, is largely set in a very real facility, London’s Foundling Hospital, a home for the city’s unwanted children (for more information, see It became the battlefield for Roland and Harriett. The modified family history of one of the Hospital’s founders became Roland’s background, and Harriett’s family history was similarly borrowed from truth and altered to fit fiction.