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A word on romance…

Like ice cream, romance comes in a wide array of flavors. All are delicious, but everyone has their favorite!

I especially delight in writing those that take place between 1714 and 1837, which most readers of the romance genre will identify as either Georgian or Regency. The wealth of recorded history available makes it easy for me as a writer to research and “what if” (you call it daydreaming). From such “what ifs” spring my characters, their life circumstances, and their secret desires. The lavish setting offered by the period is another powerful lure for me. The opulent homes, magnificent garb, rich foods and passionate music come to life in my mind, ensnaring my senses as I write, sweeping me away into that world.

I also have a deep love of science fiction, fantasy, and Gothic horror. I dabble in all, and hope to soon share news about those works being published, as well! Whether it be set in the past, present or future, on this planet or a different realm entirely, rest assured that happy ever after is in the cards!