Scandal of the Season ~Regency

When temptation wars with honor, a scandal is sure to follow…

Lord Wincanton fled England’s shores to avoid heartbreak in the form of Lady Eleanor Cramley, but upon his return from fighting Bonaparte he finds the impetuous young miss he escorted through her first Season has grown into a stunning woman who still fires his blood. But she sees him as a beloved older brother, and that’s the way things need to remain for the sake of her reputation. Even if it means marrying her to another.

Eleanor was devastated when Sorin left after scolding her for her wild ways. During his long absence, she’s striven to mold herself into the proper lady he urged her to become. Now that he’s back, however, the gentleman who once served as her chaperone makes Ellie long to toss all propriety to the wind. And now she only has until Season’s end to prove to him that they’re perfect for each other—or face an unacceptable bridegroom.

Passions run deep beneath the surface in this ‘friends to lovers’ romance, and friendship will be tested to the limits by hidden desires and machinations gone amiss!

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“An absolute delight to read. Nothing pleases me more than a couple who genuinely loves each other…If you are a fan of historical romance, this should definitely be on your TBR list.” – Rainy Thursdays

“I loved it! It reminded me of Jane Austen’s Emma…It’s quite entertaining. I enjoyed reading it and will have no problem recommending it to all my reader friends.” – Intellectual Vixens

“This is a most entertaining book from an author that I hope to hear more from. It is well written, historically accurate and a fun read. The side characters are well developed with a hint of more books to come.” – La Deetda Reads

“Lovely romance. It reminds me in a way of Jane Austen…Great book, great love story! I highly recommend!” – Carol B., NetGalley reviews

“With unwanted suitors, double romances, and fortune hunters mixed in this book was quite enjoyable.” – Aresha, review

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