A Wicked Reputation ~Regency

When playing a game of seduction and deception, falling in love could mean the end of everything…

Betrayed by her fiancé and her best friend, Lady Diana Haversham’s reputation is left in ruins, and she is unjustly cast out by her family. Left with little choice, she agrees to pretend to be a courtesan to protect her benefactor’s secret. What she didn’t count on was meeting temptation in the form of one Lord Lucas Blackthorn.

Lucas is fascinated by the shameless Diana, whom his friends claim is his perfect counterpart. He can’t stop thinking about her sultry smile and captivating eyes, but what draws him most is the sharp mind she reveals—and the certainty she’s hiding something.

When Lucas learns the scandalous truth, Diana will have to make a life-and-death choice.

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“This really was WICKED and it was so well done. There was a perfect blend of love, lust, heartache, and realism that could tie into anyone’s modern world.” –TheReadingConspiracy.com

“An exquisite romance with a strong heroine I could only cheer for and great characters that came to life.” –Lori D., Kobo Reader Review

“Watching these two come together was magical!” –Goodreads Review

“… A delicious historical with a heroine that is no shrinking wallflower…Absolutely loved, and highly recommend!” –Goodreads Review

“This sensual story is a winner.” –Goodreads Review