Tempting the Vicar
When a devout vicar saves his rakehell twin by temporarily switching places, the last thing he expects is to fall for his brother’s most ardent admirer.
January 17, 2022
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The Devil’s Own

All hell is about to break loose in Harper’s Grove…

The devil takes on the role of village vicar and discovers it’s nowhere near as easy as he imagined—especially when he falls in love with an angel who mistakes him for a saint.


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A Wicked Reputation

One is a gambler, the other a fraud. Deception is both friend and enemy to both.

When playing a game of seduction, falling in love could mean the end of everything. 


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Scandal of the Season

When temptation wars with honor, a scandal is sure to follow…

Scorned for her wildness, she swore to become a perfect lady and prove her old friend wrong, but when he returns from war to find the hellion transformed, propriety is the last thing on his mind. 

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Once a Courtesan

Temptation doesn’t mix well with deadly secrets…

An unconventional headmistress trying to save lives. An undercover constable determined to solve a mystery. An enemy that wants them both dead.

The thrilling sequel to To Love a Libertine!

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To Love a Libertine

Innocent lives depend on him maintaining a delicate web of lies, and she’s a complication he simply can’t afford…or resist.

The long-awaited sequel to To Wed in Scandal!

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To Ruin a Rake

She’s the saint with a charity hospital to run – she doesn’t need any trouble! He’s the thorn in her side determined to show her that nothing is as satisfying as succumbing to the touch of a dedicated sinner.

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to_makeTo Make a Match

Double the trouble, double the romance!

The perfectly laid plan goes perfectly awry, and rival sisters find themselves betrothed to the wrong men.

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to_wedTo Wed in Scandal

Pride and passion, love and war…

Once upon a time they were bitter enemies, but when Fate brings her childhood nemesis back into her life, this time the sparks will fly.

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countessCountess So Shameless

Branded by his touch, she can never forget him…

She takes an infamous lover for her pleasure—and finds her heart’s defenses besieged even as a bitter rival with deadly knowledge of her true identity seeks to possess her.