To Wed in Scandal ~Georgian

Lady Sabrina Grayson is determined not to fall prey to the kind of reckless love that ruined her mother’s happiness, instead setting her sights on a very sensible alternative: Lord Francis Fairford. But before she can attract his notice, a very different sort of man enters her life—for a second time.

Once her childhood nemesis, Henry Herbert, now Viscount Montgomery, has grown into a handsome and ruthlessly seductive man. He is everything she secretly desires—and everything she is determined to avoid.

Henry finds himself irresistibly drawn to the woman he once called “Pest” and lays passionate siege to her defenses in a campaign that will leave her breathless with want. When Sabrina willfully runs straight into the arms of danger to escape her own desires, he must convince the stubborn beauty that the only fitting end for her scandalous Season is to surrender her heart to him.

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reviewertoppick2 “Top Pick” Review from Night Owl Romance: “This was a wonderful historical romance that lets your imagination run free. You kind of feel like you are in GONE WITH THE WIND…I recommend this book to anyone. Pick it up and join the Georgian era of romance.”

Available now in digital, print, and audiobook narrated by the award-winning Justine Eyre!