To Ruin a Rake ~Georgian

She’s the saint with a charity hospital to run – she doesn’t need any trouble! He’s the thorn in her side determined to show her that nothing is as satisfying as succumbing to the touch of a dedicated sinner.

When her fiancé died, Harriett vowed not to let his wastrel brother destroy the charity they built. But Roland becomes a nuisance the moment he sets foot on the grounds, and it’s all-out war until their conflict threatens to expose her family’s dark secret.

Intrigued by the beautiful tyrant, Roland agrees to a ceasefire. It’s a dangerous truce, for she has the troublesome effect of making him want to be both a better man and a scoundrel. Can he resist the temptation? Harriett is equally dismayed to find the rogue she swore to forever despise far less of a devil than she thought. Worse, he disturbs her in ways to make even the most virtuous woman contemplate the primrose path.

Fate will drive them into each other’s arms, intimate truths will be revealed, and enemies will have to learn to trust each other or all will be lost.

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“A unique storyline that was compelling, compassionate, with witty banter and some awesome characters. I look forward to reading more from this fantastic storyteller. Well done!…fans of great romances are sure to enjoy To Ruin a Rake. I certainly did!” – April R., Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

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