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Rx for Escape

I wrapped up final revisions/edits/tweaks for my next release laaaate last night (couldn’t sleep) and sent them to my editor (2 days early, no less! Wooo!). I’m hoping we’re still slated for a July release date, at least digitally.

I’ll be frank–it’s been hard to art under the current circumstances, but it’s also been a blessing to have that goal/deadline to keep me focused on something OTHER THAN those circumstances. It’s also been a blessing to be able to dive into fiction for a bit each day and give my heart/mind a break from those circumstances.

Keeping up with current events is a good thing, friends. Staying aware, being informed, educating yourself about the things happening in the world around you is smart. But do yourself a favor and build in some escape time every day, too. Especially as bedtime approaches. Turn off the news, pick up a book and read for pleasure or watch a movie – whatever format you choose, let the story be something that will totally transport you out of the present and into some other frame of mind that has nothing to do with what’s going on out there right now. Be it book or movie, my recommendation is something that ends in happy-ever-after or at least the shining hope of one.

There’s only so much stress a person can take, and with contagion control measures currently in place in many towns, the only real escape hatch we have is the one between our ears. If you have an “emergency escape” book or movie recommendation, I’d love to see them (and YOU) in the comments!